Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Cake Designs Ideas for Boy's Birthday

These are some ideas in making a boy's birthday cake designs. You should know what theme to use in the cake designs. To help you think what themes to use I give you some suggestion.

Video Games - If your son likes video game. Then this theme is perfect for your son. Know your son's favorite video game character and use a specialty cake pan to make his favorite video game character. Note video game and    sports themed cake designs well-liked of adults too.

Stuffed Animal - Try making a cake designs that remind of him his favorite stuffed animal. Creating any stuffed animal cake designs that your son will love and parents will be amaze of.

Toys - This theme is best for boys who really like toys. I think all boys love toys, right? And they have also favorite toys. Make cake designs of his favorite toy. Although creating an 3D cake can be challenging. To create an army cake designs bake a sheet cake and design it with plenty of dark icing with more trees and 3D  frosting hill and place plenty of small plastic armies round the cake to look like a grassland with lots of army.

Cartoons - If your son likes to watch a cartoon there are plenty of craft stores trade plastic toys, and other cake designs accessories with popular cartoon characters.

I hope this will help you in choosing the theme of your cake designs for the birthday of your son.

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