Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Freezing a Cake

Freezing a cake is an art because if you want to guarantee that the cake will taste as fresh and tacky as the day you baked it when you plan to beautify it before the party. Freezing a cake is a big help because you can save time and if you freeze the cake in advance you have enough time to decorate the cake before the party. Avoiding the cake to become dry and make the cake taste fresh are the goal in freezing a cake.

Never have a cake designs before freezing because when it compress the forms on it as it defrost can ruin it and put a water spots all over it. And when you start to bake your cake make sure that there is a space in your freezer it is important in freezing a cake. Allow cooling fully when you bake a cake it is not good to cover a sweat cake it can cause stickiness on the cake.

First, cover the frozen cake in a plastic cover and  make sure that you cover the whole cake and then cover the cake with foil, if possible the important task variety. After covering the cake place it in the freezer and make sure that is laying flat. Your cake can last in the freezer up to a month without bad effect. And if you planning to decorate it make sure that you remove the cake to the freezer and leave it for a day  to fully defrost.

To start decorating first you have to remove the foil but don’t remove the plastic yet in the defrosting procedure so that the cake won’t desiccated. You can remove the plastic cover if the cake is at room temperature. And you can start the cake designs.

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