Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cake Designs Mistakes Solutions

Cake designs are really fun to do and somewhat challenging because we need to overcome some hurdles so that we can present a beautiful cake designs. There are some problems  in cake designs this are cake crumbs and the cake filling that leaks between the layers. So I will give you some tips on how to correct cake designs mistake.

Terminating the Crumbs

You can recover your cake designs project in this kind of problem. To start first separate a little bit of icing and place it to a different urn from the rest. Stir a little bit of milk or water to thin out the small portion. Don’t worry about whether  or not the crumbs get mixed into it when you swell the thinner icing over your cake because that is the point in thinning the icing a bit. When you are done place the cake aside for awhile or place it to the freezer until the next day after that use your thicker icing and swell it over the cake and it shoul go on smoothly without any indication of cake crumbs. The thinner icing first apply in the cake bonded the crumbs so that when you swell the thicker icing those crumbs would’t be picked up.

Keep that Filling Inside the Cake
There is tendecy that the filling will leak on the side of the cake so in keeping the filling inside the cake there are some ideas to try. First, bake your cake in advance, freshly baked cakes are at risk to move around especially when you swell the filling between the cake. To firm up the cake you should allow it to stay it overnight so that the cake layers will be more permanence when you place the filling between. Another idea to try is to duct icing using a pastry bag, the icing can form a barrier to lock in the filling and stop the leak if the icing is thick to check if there is no filling leaks out just place it aside for awhile and start your cake designs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Cake Designs Ideas for Boy's Birthday

These are some ideas in making a boy's birthday cake designs. You should know what theme to use in the cake designs. To help you think what themes to use I give you some suggestion.

Video Games - If your son likes video game. Then this theme is perfect for your son. Know your son's favorite video game character and use a specialty cake pan to make his favorite video game character. Note video game and    sports themed cake designs well-liked of adults too.

Stuffed Animal - Try making a cake designs that remind of him his favorite stuffed animal. Creating any stuffed animal cake designs that your son will love and parents will be amaze of.

Toys - This theme is best for boys who really like toys. I think all boys love toys, right? And they have also favorite toys. Make cake designs of his favorite toy. Although creating an 3D cake can be challenging. To create an army cake designs bake a sheet cake and design it with plenty of dark icing with more trees and 3D  frosting hill and place plenty of small plastic armies round the cake to look like a grassland with lots of army.

Cartoons - If your son likes to watch a cartoon there are plenty of craft stores trade plastic toys, and other cake designs accessories with popular cartoon characters.

I hope this will help you in choosing the theme of your cake designs for the birthday of your son.

Royal Icing's Job in Cake Designs

Royal icing is very useful because it can use to attach some toppings in your cake designs because it harden and lasts for a indefinite period of time and royal icing is a handy cake designs that can create a attractive toppings for the cake.

To create an royal icing these are the things needed a meringue powder, glycerin to make softer the icing and a small amount of water. You can also add flavor in your royal icing the best to use in putting a color in your icing is a food coloring gel or paste just dip a small amount of the color to the icing and stir. This can help in your cake designs look beautiful and elegant.

Always remember that royal icing will soft if it is in the wet area or if it’s get in touch with a butter or oil and don’t use a cake designs utensils that are not free from any oily residue. In making a royal icing in advance you should store it properly so that the steadiness will remain. When the royal icing is made of meringue powder place it with an sealed urn at room temperature and when you use real uncooked egg whites, the royal icing must store in the freezer.

If you want to use the royal icing presently for your cake designs cover the bowl housing with a wet towel but zilch that drips water, wet towel will lock the wetness in the bowl that is needed to stop the royal icing from forming a shell because when the shell is formed royal icing is difficult to control. Be creative and patient in your cake designs.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Cake Designs Ideas

There some tricks and aspect in cake designs that plagues people over and over again this tricks and aspect helps them experience a successful cake designs.

Place some terrazzo of wax paper under the edge of the cake that allow them to fall rotten the edge of the salver. As usual chill your cake when you are done, pull of the wax terrazzo smoothly. You are left with a perfect salver edge. And you can avoid the smear of frosting that can add in the edge.

If you are having a problem in cake designs because you have no drawing ability you can avoid this in some ways. You can use a cookie cutter on your favorite shape and frivolously press into the frozen cake and put it where you like to add trimmings from there you can trace the outline with icing. Using ornamental mat trick still works in cake designs. To use it just place the ornamental mat above the cake and add sprinkle powdered sugar over it and then take it slowly to divulge the powdered sugar ornamental mat design beneath.

Tips on creating a glossy look on your frosting. When you are done apply the frosting and flat it use a hair dryer this will melt the frosting a little giving it a glossy appearance.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Freezing a Cake

Freezing a cake is an art because if you want to guarantee that the cake will taste as fresh and tacky as the day you baked it when you plan to beautify it before the party. Freezing a cake is a big help because you can save time and if you freeze the cake in advance you have enough time to decorate the cake before the party. Avoiding the cake to become dry and make the cake taste fresh are the goal in freezing a cake.

Never have a cake designs before freezing because when it compress the forms on it as it defrost can ruin it and put a water spots all over it. And when you start to bake your cake make sure that there is a space in your freezer it is important in freezing a cake. Allow cooling fully when you bake a cake it is not good to cover a sweat cake it can cause stickiness on the cake.

First, cover the frozen cake in a plastic cover and  make sure that you cover the whole cake and then cover the cake with foil, if possible the important task variety. After covering the cake place it in the freezer and make sure that is laying flat. Your cake can last in the freezer up to a month without bad effect. And if you planning to decorate it make sure that you remove the cake to the freezer and leave it for a day  to fully defrost.

To start decorating first you have to remove the foil but don’t remove the plastic yet in the defrosting procedure so that the cake won’t desiccated. You can remove the plastic cover if the cake is at room temperature. And you can start the cake designs.