Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Techniques in Designing a Cake

There are three essential in designing a cake the steadiness of the icing, correct pastry bag positioning, and controlling the pressure of squeezing the bag. Cake designing is requires patience as well as three essential components for the perfectly decorated cake. 

Steadiness of Icing - A slight steadiness of icing is best for creating leaves      and vines as well as any type of writing. The firm steadiness of icing is best for creating complicated patterns that need to last without running. There are some factors that affect the steadiness of the icing these are the temperature, the wetness, the ingredients and the equipments.  

Correct pastry bag positioning - It is important holding the pastry bag incorrect angle as well as the direction And the back of the pastry bag is keen. 

Controlling the Pressure - Discover how to apply the exact amount of pressure so that the icing lines will show flawless and should master to hold the pastry bag. Heavy pressure is use when you are adding a large amount of icing on one area while light pressure is use to small amount of icing.

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