Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cake Designs Procedure

This video talk about on how to do a simple and cute scroll pattern in a whimsical wedding cake.You can design any way you want and it can help you in cake designs that you desire to do. It use a disposable pastry bag with a small  tip inserted on the bottom and it  is a medium size writing tip.

Prepare batter for any cake; feel free to use a mix. Bake in 2 (8-inch-round) cake pans according to the guidelines. Cool the cakes on wire racks according to the guideline. Put frosting between the layers so the finished cake. Cover the outside of the cake with a layer of wax paper, so that the layers are perfectly straight. chill the cake overnight or until it's solid. After you chill the cake remove cake from pan if you used a pan for stacking the cake layers. And create a design you want. Remove the wax paper from the cake. Use a decorating spatula to spread frosting over the cake. Use a pastry bag with decorative tip you want to use.

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